beginner | alignment + flow

This 60-minute class dives deeper into safety, alignment, and the use of props to give your practice the foundation it needs to grow.

all levels | body + breath

This 60-minute class builds on your foundational postures while encouraging adaptability + flexibility in both body and mind through a challenging sequence. You can expect a well-rounded class that explores the connection between breath + movement in both static holds and fluid movement. Pace is determined by each individual instructor.

all levels+ intermediate | active flow + breath

This steady paced, flow based class is established on the principles of vinyasa yoga. By connecting breath + movement this vigorous, heated, practice emphasizes physical postures building strength, flexibility + cardiovascular endurance. You can expect an active practice with creative transitions that will link the body + mind.

all levels | strength + flow

This 60-minute class builds on your foundational postures, adding unique + fun transitions as well as peak postures to increase your strength + flexibility while linking breath to movement. This fun, upbeat flow will cultivate self-expression through hip-hop jams and creative movement.

not heated + all levels | breath + balance

This 60 minute class uses the oldest system of yoga to promote health, happiness, and spiritual awareness. It is considered the most comprehensive of all the yoga traditions, combining physical postures + movement, breath work, mantra + meditation. This practice balances the glandular system, strengthens the nervous system and enables us to harness the energy of the mind + emotions.

all levels | balance + stability

This 60-minute class combines two of our favorites, power vinyasa and traditional hot postures to encourage balance and stability in your body and mind.

all levels | strength + stamina

This 60-minute class combines a basic vinyasa flow with weight and cardio based exercises to build your strength and stamina on and off your mat. great for students who are looking for a good sweat and something to spice up their practice!

non-heated + all levels | relax + rejuvenate

This 60-minute class is sure to be one of your favorites! Prepare yourself for deep relaxation. Restorative Yoga focuses on restful, supported postures that gently unwind your body, allowing your muscles to relax, your heart rate to lower, and your nervous system to let go.

Discover mantra + sound techniques, which create a positive sound current + remove negative thinking habits. Healing sound instruments will accompany the journey + create a blissful state.

Discover breath meditation techniques that change the chemistry of the brain + rewire the nervous system to find peace, relaxation, + stillness.