The Meraki Co-Op

Where like-minded + dedicated yogis come together to build community through this practice we love and the common goal to provide a space that is always fresh + clean.



  • Shorter cleaning shifts!
    At just an hour and fifteen minutes long, this leaves you with more time for yoga, work, and play.
  • Flexible Schedule!
    You have the freedom to choose your cleaning shift at the start of each week which means it always works for YOU.
  • Make friends!
    Opportunity to overlap shifts with other co-op members so you can get to know one another along the way.

Team Testimonials:

I’m so grateful to be on the Meraki Co-Op team! The cleaning shifts are perfectly blocked out so there’s not too much to get done, it’s easy to sign up for your cleaning shift, every task is documented in a helpful checklist, and the cleaning supplies are always stocked and organized.

Having the opportunity to be a part of this yoga studio in this way has been a great reinforcement of my personal yoga practice. I feel more connected to the physical space knowing that I’m on the awesome team that helps keep it clean and beautiful!


Being a part of the Co-op has helped me find a new passion for yoga. I sporadically practiced yoga before but when I found Meraki I knew this was the studio for me. Joining the Co-op helped me in multiple ways, it helps us stick to our financial budget and helps me be continually committed to practicing. Since I’m already there to clean, why not take a class while I’m at it?

The flexibility of the cleaning shifts also helps since work schedules can be all over the place. Everyone I’ve crossed paths with is extremely warm and welcoming, and during COVID it’s been nice to know exactly how clean everything is because we are the ones doing it.


Hi there! My name is Teresa and I’ve been practicing yoga for many years and practicing at Meraki for the past couple of years. When I saw a post about the Meraki Co-Op, I jumped on the opportunity. One of the things that drew me to Meraki was how clean it was every time I took a class, and that’s important to me, especially given what we are all living through now with Covid.

I love being able to help give a little back to a place that offers me a place to come to work on myself, body, mind and spirit. Meraki is a place I find peace and strength, and earning classes on top of that is just an added cherry on top for me. Love Meraki and the owners and am so happy to call it my yoga home.